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The Anne Rowling Clinic (annerowlingclinic.com):

Founded in 2010 & opened in 2013, The Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic provides out-patient care for patients with Neurodegenerative diseases as well as cutting edge research & clinical trials. 

Founded in 2005, Lumos provides help to institutionalized & disadvantaged children in Eastern Europe & works towards putting an end to the outdated social care systems; helping to move children from institutions to family-based care.

Gingerbread (gingerbread.org.uk):

Gingerbread originally known as One Parent Families has helped single parents & their children since 1918. J. K. Rowling has been an Ambassador of the charity for seven years & in 2007 took the honorary position as President.
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Written By: Michaella // Filed Under: Harry Potter Series,J.K. Rowling // Oct 19 2013

Where is Dobby now? In retirement at a Scottish hotel!

J.K. Rowling has given staff at a Scots hotel an unusual thank you present – the Harry Potter film model of Dobby the house elf.

The millionaire author spent several months at the Marcliffe at Pitfodels near Aberdeen while her father-in-law was in hospital in the city.

And she was so impressed with the way the staff looked after them that she’s sent Dobby to stay with them. He’s now living in a glass case at the hotel.

Dobby had to slave away in the kitchens at Hogwarts but Marcliffe owner Stewart Spence says he’s now happily retired.

And when the hotel closes its doors next November – it’s due to be turned into offices – Dobby will flit to the Tivoli Theatre in Aberdeen, where Stuart sits on the board.

-Via Daily Record

Written By: Michaella // Filed Under: J.K. Rowling,Jo,The Casual Vacancy // Sep 27 2013

Today marks the start of something new, something beyond Harry Potter & our home Hogwarts, & the start of Jo writing for adults. Happy One Year Anniversary ‘Casual Vacancy’! We all LOVED it, Jo! Forget about the critics because your fans (the people who really count) loved it almost as much as Harry! It’s hard to top such an epic series such as our dear Harry but don’t worry, Jo! You did AMAZING! Now, get out your copy of ‘The Casual Vacancy’ & reread it, guys!

Written By: Michaella // Filed Under: Harry Potter Series,J.K. Rowling,Other Works // Sep 12 2013

Jo just updated her official Facebook page with some magical news!!!

Warner Bros. announced on 12th September 2013 that J.K. Rowling would be making her screenwriting debut with ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, the first in a new film series which is part of their expanded creative partnership with J.K. Rowling. The films will be inspired by Harry Potter’s Hogwarts textbook of the same name, and will feature the book’s fictitious author, Newt Scamander.

“It all started when Warner Bros. came to me with the suggestion of turning ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ into a film. I thought it was a fun idea, but the idea of seeing Newt Scamander, the supposed author of ‘Fantastic Beasts’, realized by another writer was difficult. Having lived for so long in my fictional universe, I feel very protective of it and I already knew a lot about Newt. As hard-core Harry Potter fans will know, I liked him so much that I even married his grandson, Rolf, to one of my favourite characters from the Harry Potter series, Luna Lovegood.

As I considered Warners’ proposal, an idea took shape that I couldn’t dislodge. That is how I ended up pitching my own idea for a film to Warner Bros.

Although it will be set in the worldwide community of witches and wizards where I was so happy for seventeen years, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Harry Potter series, but an extension of the wizarding world. The laws and customs of the hidden magical society will be familiar to anyone who has read the Harry Potter books or seen the films, but Newt’s story will start in New York, seventy years before Harry’s gets underway.

I particularly want to thank Kevin Tsujihara of Warner Bros. for his support in this project, which would not have happened without him. I always said that I would only revisit the wizarding world if I had an idea that I was really excited about and this is it.”

Written By: Michaella // Filed Under: Harry Potter Series,Interviews,J.K. Rowling // Aug 30 2013

Can you believe it’s been 15 years?! It feels like yesterday! Anyways, Jo has given a special little message on “Good Morning America” about the character she misses the most & it isn’t Harry!

-Via Good Morning America

Written By: Mariam // Filed Under: J.K. Rowling,News // Apr 05 2012

J.K. Rowling is being featured on a new version of Sir Peter Blake’s famous cover for The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. The original album featured celebrities of old such as Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando and Bob Dylan, but the new cover has added more modern icons, such as Damien Hirst, David Bowie and our celebrated author.

Jo commented, “Given that I’ve devoted quite a lot of time to gazing at the original Sgt Pepper album cover, you can perhaps imagine what it means to me to be featured.”

Sir Peter Blake stated that, “I’ve chosen people I admire, great people and some who are dear friends… I think that shows how strong Britis culture and its legacy of the last six decades is.”

Although the celebrity pictures are small, it seems that the image used is of Jo at the 2011 British Academy of Film And Television Arts awards, where she wore a python-print Lanvin gown. See the album cover here.

Written By: Becca // Filed Under: Articles,J.K. Rowling,Jo,News // Mar 07 2012

An article in The Telegraph states that Jo Rowling is no longer a dollar billionaire in the Forbes Rich List, due in part to her giving away an estimated £101 million to charity. The article also speculates about how much tax she has been paying on her fortune.

However, the article and comments from the Forbes Rich List should be taken with a pinch of salt, as Jo has previously rubbished articles about how much money she has- going as far as to say reports of her being a billionaire were ‘bollocks’, in her documentary ‘A Year in the Life’.

Written By: Mariam // Filed Under: Articles,J.K. Rowling,News // Mar 05 2012

We previously told you about a recent list of Scholastic’s top 100 Greatest Books for Kids, with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone garnering sixth place. The rankings, released by the American publishers of the Harry Potter series, were part of the March issue of Scholastic’s Parent & Child magazine, which J.K. Rowling is currently covering!

This month’s issue is titled ‘J.K. Rowling’s Magical Impact’, and other than naming her book on their children’s list, the magazine ran a feature article about Jo. The article highlights J.K. Rowling’s spellbinding success with Harry Potter, her personal interests in reading, and her experiences with Harry Potter in her family. Excerpts from the article can be read below.

“Rowling has said that as a kid she would read ‘absolutely anything.’ Today, while juggling family life with work demands like many moms, Rowling says she still finds time to bury her nose in a book. As she told O, The Oprah Magazine, ‘I read when I’m drying my hair; I read in the bath. I read when I’m sitting in the bathroom. Pretty much anywhere I can do the job one-handed, I read.’

Growing up in England, Rowling has spoken fondly of books from her childhood, some unfamiliar to most American audiences. She cites one title in particular: The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge, a 1946 story of an orphaned girl who, along with a stable of magical beasts, must discover the ancient story behind her cousin’s mysterious estate.It resonated with Rowling because ‘it has a plain heroine, which delighted me beyond words because I was a very plain child myself.’”

To read the full article, see here. An image of Jo gracing the magazine can be seen below. Copies of this issue of Scholastic’s Parent & Child magazine have now been released, and are available through the school market.

Written By: Mariam // Filed Under: Awards,J.K. Rowling,News,Vote // Mar 02 2012

The Great Exhibition, a British exhibition which celebrates Britain’s achievements in creative talent, tourism, business, and people, has launched a national competition called The Greats of Great Britain, in which all of the ‘Great’ people of the United Kingdom are nominated to compete for the award of ‘Best in Britain 2012′. Unsurprisingly, J.K. Rowling – along with 197 others – has received recognition under the ‘Celebrated People & Talents’ category.

Jo is currently at 42nd on the list with 142 votes, directly behind glass artist Colette Halstead. Help Jo improve her ranking by voting via this link.

Written By: Mariam // Filed Under: J.K. Rowling,News,Other Works,Twitter // Feb 24 2012

In light of the announcement that J.K. Rowling will be writing a new novel for adults, Jo took to her Twitter account to confirm the news, also revealing that the book will be out this year.

“As you may have heard, I have a new book out later this year. Very different to Harry, although I’ve enjoyed writing it every bit as much.”

Written By: Mariam // Filed Under: J.K. Rowling,News,Other Works // Feb 23 2012

The Blair Partnership, J.K. Rowling’s new literary agency, has announced the exciting news that that Jo will be publishing a new book for adults! Their website reads:

“We are pleased to announce that our client, J.K. Rowling, will be releasing a new novel for adults. Further details will be announced later in the year.”

The site included a short note from J.K. Rowling:

“Although I’ve enjoyed writing it just as much, my next novel will be very different from the Harry Potter series.”

Little, Brown, a publishing house in the United States, has confirmed that Jo has inked a deal with them – and not Scholastic, which published the Harry Potter series – for the rights of her first adult novel. Jo’s new editor will be Little, Brown’s United Kingdom publisher, David Shelley. Book Trade has released the full press release, which includes a longer quote from the author regarding the change in publishing houses:

“Although I’ve enjoyed writing it every bit as much, my next book will be very different to the Harry Potter series, which has been published so brilliantly by Bloomsbury and my other publishers around the world. The freedom to explore new territory is a gift that Harry’s success has brought me, and with that new territory it seemed a logical progression to have a new publisher. I am delighted to have a second publishing home in Little, Brown, and a publishing team that will be a great partner in this new phase of my writing life.”

To read the full press release, see here. Stay tuned for more news in the upcoming weeks!

Update: Following the big announcement, J.K. Rowling’s official website has been updated with one page of the same details as above and the promise of a site re-design, coming later in spring. The site also added a mailing list that readers can sign up for to receive “further announcements” on the new novel.

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